How do you claim ₹2000* Discount on the TOEFL Test Fee while Filling in the TOEFL Form?

Deciding to accomplish the TOEFL test is a very significant step for students and professionals to prove the level of their proficiency in English on a global level. At ACHIVIA, we know that this is an important choice, and that is why we are dedicated to helping our candidates have a quick preparation and registration process. The following article will explain why you should choose TOEFL, explain how to register, and tell you how to get a special INR 2000* discount on your TOEFL exam official site fee with our TOEFL promo code.

Why You Should Choose TOEFL?

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is recognized worldwide by universities, employers, and various professional institutions, making the TOEFL certificate highly valued. Taking the TOEFL through ACHIVIA means that you will be armed with all the required tools and resources for TOEFL preparation. Consequently, you will be able to attain the best TOEFL results.

TOEFL Registration and Exam Preparation

Registering for the TOEFL through ACHIVIA has been made easy enough to give you a great experience. Our team aids you through each step of TOEFL exam registration, making sure you know the exact details of the TOEFL exam dates and procedures. With our TOEFL online services, you can work with a wide range of study materials, including well-organized TOEFL modules for the TOEFL exam preparation and the TOEFL test preparation. These materials will cover each of the test items, such as reading and listening, as well as writing and speaking.

How to Get an INR 2000* Discount on TOEFL Exam Fee in India

ACHIVIA is proud to offer a TOEFL discount code that grants an INR 2000* discount on the TOEFL exam fee for our students in India. Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

  • Start the TOEFL Registration: Begin your registration process by visiting the official TOEFL registration website.
  • Enter Your Details: Fill in the necessary personal information required to schedule your TOEFL test.
  • Apply the TOEFL Coupon Code: During the payment section, you will be prompted to enter a voucher or promo code. Use the TOEFL voucher code IND2552101 provided by ACHIVIA to claim the discount.

apply toefl coupon code

2000 discount on toefl exam

  • Verify the Discount: Ensure that the INR 2000* discount has been applied to the total fee before completing the transaction.

Enhancing Your TOEFL Experience

ACHIVIA’s TOEFL online test facilities are designed to replicate the actual exam settings, thereby letting you familiarize yourself with our TOEFL test practice and TOEFL mock test products. These practices are the best way to get accustomed to the test environment and improve your time management skills, which will help you to get a good score.

Why ACHIVIA’s TOEFL Preparation?

Selecting ACHIVIA for your TOEFL test will provide you with a variety of training modules and practice tests. Our materials are prepared periodically based on the newest exam patterns and strategies. Besides, adding a TOEFL promotion code IND2552101 to the tabs puts your courses in the budget, resulting in the reduction of the financial barriers in the way of your educational goals.


The TOEFL test not only leads to better academic outcomes but also makes higher education and job prospects globally possible. Taking advantage of ACHIVIA will let you cope with the TOEFL preparation and registration stages in a more effective and self-assured manner. Our TOEFL preparation, which comes along with the benefits of a TOEFL coupon code IND2552101, seeks to ensure that you acquire the best learning session. Start your career path with us on ACHIVIA today, which is the right direction toward the accomplishment of your worldwide educational and professional objectives. 

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