Selection Of University

Choosing a course of your choice and the appropriate university with a country of your preference is a tedious task as there are thousands of universities across the globe. Our Counsellor shall guide and assist you to select the best, which is apt for your academical background, financial needs and suits your career aspirations.

Test Preparation

Test Preparation content

Editorial Services

Our editorial services include credential verification and check for completeness of the documents which reduces the delay in processing applications. Achivia ensures that the foreign universities always receive applications that are complete in all respects, thereby, eliminating expensive follow-up procedures. Screening of students' credentials and verification of their financial capability ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises for the students in future.

Scholarship Assistance

During admission season universities and other educational institutions from all around the globe open their doors to students wishing to study abroad. There are a lot of misconceptions littering the Internet about studying abroad, causing many would-be students to stumble around blindly, and ultimately be unsuccessful in securing a place. Yet others find it all too bewildering, throw up their hands in confusion, and never apply in the first place.

There are many scholarships and educational grants based on needs, which means the educational institution will pay an outstanding amount that isn’t covered by family contribution, grants, or scholarships.

Students will be required to demonstrate financial need to qualify for a need-based scholarship. To avail the aid, the first part of the need-based process is to fill out the application form. The student will be asked to provide information about family income and assets, outside awards, and unusual or changed financial circumstances. This form provides information on how much you or family will be contributing and determine the level of grants, work-study, and loan amounts for which you will be eligible.

Grants and scholarships are almost identical in function, with the primary difference being that scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, or some other accomplishment such as voluntary work. Unlike student loans, grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid.

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How can we help you?

ACHIVIA provides a detailed guidance on the available scholarships to students whose scores and academic performance qualify them to get a scholarship. The team at ACHIVIA provides a list of available scholarships that students can apply to and the documents that are required in order to get it.

Visa Assistance

Many students fail to clear the visa process due to poor preparation. We prepare students for their visa interviews to ensure a higher rate of success. It is an admitted fact that in the Indian sub-continent well prepared students have a higher success rate at the visa office.

Visa requirements usually change quickly, ACHIVIA ensures you have access to official websites and makes sure that the students must have the latest applications forms. To have a hassle-free process, we help students with translating and couriering documents to the consulates. The processes and requirements for a student visa vary from country-to-country. ACHIVIA does extensive visa counselling and holds mock interviews to prepare students for their visa interviews.

Pre-Departure Guidance

Our pre-departure counselling will ensure that foreign universities receive students who have reasonable expectations and are better prepared to deal with the changes. The incoming students assuredly possess adequate communication and interpersonal skills to adapt to the environment on campus. Pre-departure counselling ensures that students have a keener understanding of the specific university's offerings and requirements and are better prepared academically, socially and financially, by the time they arrive on the campus.

Corporate Internships

Students will work with International Start-ups and companies under the mentorship of host companies appointed mentors. The host companies range from industries varying from Technology, Automation, Finance, Human Recourse, Consulting and service sector.

Other Value-Added Services

There are other requirements of a student which can’t be ignored in a foreign land. Each student is provided complete guidance that helps them in migration, travel and settling abroad. Achivia guides students from arranging loans to Forex exchange, guidance on accommodation to arranging a sim card.

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