Even though the global mobility has tightened, making it difficult for travelers to commute, particularly from or to affected areas, lot of International airports have reopened and the major airlines will restart international flights very soon.


The novel coronavirus has disrupted the education on a global scale, shifting courses online and prompting campuses to close, colleges in the U.S, Canada and other parts of the world are extending a potential lifeline to concerned students: the option to take online classes for the fall 2020. Though, universities in UK, Ireland, Europe are gearing up to open their campuses for face-to-face learning. Also, following a fall in infection rates, the UK government has downgraded the COVID–19 alert level from four to three and now in the process of lifting the lockdown which has been in place since March.

Even though the global mobility has tightened, making it difficult for travellers to commute, particularly from or to affected areas, lot of International airports have reopened and the major airlines will restart international flights very soon.

As the new CORONAVIRUS spreads globally, universities are reacting by shutting down campuses and shifting to online classes in an effort to slow the surge of the pandemic. The universities have also actively coordinated with Covid-19 volunteer efforts to help students and community who need support.

Though Institutional responses vary across the colleges and graduate schools are proceeding with classes as usual but curtailing travel and study abroad programs, others are extended spring break, many shifted to online classes. The sudden shifts in living and learning mean that students have to adjust accordingly, often with little warning.


It is true that at this point life has become standstill at most parts of the world. However, let us not forget that as humans, we are always able to adapt to any challenging situations at hand. This adaptability is our greatest strength and let’s see how your dream universities have adapted their teaching to overcome the outbreak in the most effectual manner.


At the onset of Corona, many of the universities were shut down initially. Now, they are back on their feet with the idea of digital learning. Most of the universities abroad have resorted to online methods of teaching. Universities in the United States have started delivering online classes and additionally have given flexibility to international students for attending classes online to ensure that they maintain their visa status.
Universities in UK have also started delivering online sessions and almost ready to welcome students for the September intake. Please visit the university sites for guides and notices about such changes.
Following the global pattern, Australian universities have commenced online classes. Almost all universities have already digitalised their learning keeping in mind the safety of its staff and students. Please visit the university sites for up-to-date information.

Likewise, for all the other locations such as New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, you will find COVID-19 related information on the university sites. Some universities are also sending daily updates to its students apprising them of updates about classes, schedules, and safety measures. This type of willingness and quick measures ensure that students are not missing out on their studies during the crisis. At this point, this is the most efficient way in which the students can stay connected with the universities and lecturers.

Universities are likely continuing the digital method of teaching until the situation is under control. There may be changes about this year’s intake due to this outbreak. However, as it is quite early for the universities to take a decision at this point, we suggest you to contact your respective university for more information. All the universities are more than happy to help with any questions you may have during this time. Or if you are short of time, our counsellors might be able to support.

Update on SAT and IELTS Exams

The SAT exams for the month of March, May and June have been cancelled owing to the Corona outbreak. The College Board is still deciding on whether the future exams should be conducted considering the current scenario. Keep an eye out for updates!

The IELTS paper-based examinations for March, April, May & June were cancelled. Please visit the website for most recent updates on the upcoming test dates. 

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How to deal with stress during COVID-19

We would also like to give you some tips about how you can remain stress free and calm during this time.

Visit authentic sites for information on COVID-19

The social media is quite overwhelming with news and posts related to COVID-19. We would suggest you limit your news intake to avoid getting confused and misguided. Only visit authentic sites for any kind of information related to COVID-19. Below are a few legitimate sites you may visit:

National Geographic
India- Ministry of Health and Family welfare

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