The stay-back option brings plenty of opportunities for those who are keen to stay and work in Ireland for a few more years. Ireland, one of the most beautiful study destinations also known for its safe environment, quality of living and career opportunities


Ireland has always remained a popular study abroad destination for Indian students ever since the post-study stay-back option has been introduced. The stay-back option brings plenty of opportunities for those who are keen to stay and work in Ireland for a few more years. Ireland, one of the most beautiful study destinations also known for its safe environment, quality of living and career opportunities, This has already drawn a lot of attention from students across the world, not to mention Dublin; considered to be the hottest start-up hub in the world, densely populated with companies ranging from Engineering and Technology, Telecoms and Communications, Consumer Goods, Media, Pharmacy and Biotechnology, Retail services, to Banks and Financial Institutions.

There are plenty of reasons why you should study in Ireland. Mainly because of

  • The current educational system in Ireland and the investment they place on it. As per OECD data, Ireland invests more than 782 million per year in research in its higher education institutions. International students benefit from the world-class research opportunities that the Irish institutions offer.
  • Many universities in Ireland have impressive ranking internationally and Ireland has more than 35,000 international students from over 161 countries.
  • There is a wide range of course options available - you can choose from more than 5,000 internationally accredited study programs.  
  • Ireland offers post-study stay back option to international students is the most entrepreneurial country in Europe. Ireland is known to provide good employment options for students upon graduation.
  • Ireland’s historic cities, beautiful countryside, safe and friendly environment, and its unique culture make the country a highly attractive study destination.


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Here’s a peek into the list of top five universities in Ireland that have topped the QS TOP University Rankings 2019. 

Trinity College Dublin 

This is Ireland’s oldest higher education institution, established in the year 1952, and is one of the seven “ancient universities” across UK and Ireland. This university was modelled after the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. This research-based university is located in the central part of the capital city of Dublin and is the most prestigious university of Ireland currently ranks at 104th position globally. It offers international students a range of study options to choose from its three faculties along with various support and career services.

University College Dublin (UCD)

Founded in 1854, University College Dublin is Ireland’s largest university and second representative in the international rankings. Approximately 33,500 students are currently enrolled.  UCD has 18 research institutes and has an excellent reputation in research in various faculties.

The University is home to many international students and has wide partnerships with numerous universities in Ireland and collaborations across the globe.

Some of the notable alumni associated with UCD are Oscar-winning director and producer Neil Jordan; James Joyce- the famous Irish author; and Sean MacBride – recipient of Noble peace prize. 

National University of Ireland, Galway 

The National University of Ireland situated in the western coast of Ireland is among Ireland's best universities for graduate employability and among top 1% of universities of the world. From its inception, over the last 170 years, the University prides itself on offering many unique courses including BSc Podiatry and BE/MEng in Sport and Exercise. This university has immensely grown in both reputation and size. It has recently invested EUR 400 million for its redevelopment program.

University College Cork

University College Cork is the next highest ranked institution and Ireland’s first 5-Star University. It is widely known as University College Cork though it was officially renamed the National University of Ireland, Cork in 1998. UCC based in Cork is the World’s first university to receive the international green flag for environmental sustainability.

UCC offers students a wide range of study options to choose from and has 80 plus student societies and 50 plus sports clubs.

Dublin City University

Established in 1975, Dublin City University gained a strong position globally in a short span of time. DCU has over 1000 distance education courses and has more than 16000 students currently. The University has an impressive selection of on-campus facilities that encourages research, scholarship, and external engagement.

Few notable alumni include Lorraine Twohill, the chief marketing officer of Google, Emmy award winner Dearbhla Walsh.

Now that you know the top 5 universities in Ireland, now you must be all set to start your study in Ireland. Feel free to reach out to us and let us take it from there. Our expert counsellors will give you the kind of guidance you need to study in Ireland.

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