Tips for Acing a Video Interview

Understanding the online interview process is now even more crucial in light of the current global coronavirus outbreak. We've got you covered whether you have an impending virtual interview or you're currently trying to get into your dream college through a virtual interview. In this post, we'll discuss how to get ready for the interview, the best tips for an online interview, what to do on the big day, and what to do next.

Take advantage of the admission interview option if your ideal college offers it. Some colleges and their representatives even want to talk to you and not just bombard you with questions! An in-person or online interview gives you another chance to tell an admissions counsellor more about yourself, beyond your grades and test results, and explain why their institution or university is a good fit for you.  

Interviewers prefer candidates who have applied proactively, so make sure you are knowledgeable. Here are some suggestions on how to get ready so you can make the most of this important opportunity to speak with a counsellor, current student, or alumni interviewer.

But first, understand how significant are interviews for college admission. 

A college interview may serve a variety of purposes. Some colleges only use it for information, while others use it for evaluation. Before the interview begins, ensure you have a functioning pen and a notebook close at hand. If the interviewer notices you fumbling for a pen and paper, it will give them an unfavourable opinion of you. Lastly, ensure that all of your equipment is in good working order before the interview. Examine your microphone, webcam, plug-in fitting, a power outlet, etc. Plan for backup power if you can use it in a power outage. Business executives have a full schedule. They can't interview you while they wait for the electricity to come back on at your house. Therefore, be sure to handle that on your own.

Let us get into knowing the best tips for online interviews.

Know your university or college

Browse the university's website you're considering, paying particular attention to the sections that highlight your areas of interest. Find out more about the classes, instructors, and extracurricular activities you would enjoy if accepted. Your admissions officer is more likely to view you as a serious and sincere candidate if you can exhibit an understanding of the college's offers.

Think and respond 

One of the best ways to evaluate a candidate's poise and composure is through a virtual interview. Especially the ones where you must respond to questions that the programme wills at random. Here, you are given a time constraint to respond, which causes most applicants to become anxious in such circumstances. You can pause after reading a question in one of these one-way interviews before responding as best you can. You can always take a moment to organise your ideas and afterwards draught the response to the questions that are being asked of you.

Never compromise on your appearance

Don't take things too lightly just because you have the option to interview the convenience of your home, as was previously indicated. Dress in a manner that would be appropriate for a face-to-face interview. Present a professional image. Avoid donning extravagant attire and shirts or T-shirts in loud colours. You desire the interviewer to pay attention to you and not your attire.

Always have an optimistic attitude.

Make sure to build a relationship with the interviewer as you conduct your virtual interview. You can accomplish this by demonstrating positive body language and facial gestures. Make an effort to get your head and shoulders in the picture. Additionally, strive to maintain a straight posture when speaking and to lean forward, as this conveys an interest in the conversation. Keep a smile on your face, and avoid looking away from the interviewer during the entire session. 

Inhale deeply, then smile! 

Though it is undeniably more straightforward said than done, try not to stress out too much. Keep in mind that the university interview is typically not considered when deciding whether to admit you as a student. Also, remember that the admissions committee is genuinely considering awarding you a spot because they have been impressed enough with you to offer you an interview. Even if you're internally afraid, make an effort to smile; it will help you feel better and demonstrate to your interviewers that you're enthusiastic about the job.

Keep manners in mind, especially on Zoom.

Be sure to arrive at your virtual platform promptly on the big day. Maintain eye contact throughout the meeting, dress professionally (at least from the waist up), and have a clean or at least appropriate background (for video chat), as presentation is an essential factor in landing the job.

Express gratitude

Send a letter of gratitude. Tell your interviewer whether there was anything about the interview that benefited you. Mention it if you and your interviewer connected over a book, a shared experience, or a band you both enjoy! 

If not, state that you are still interested in the institution and thank the interviewer for their time.

Lastly, remember that getting ready for a virtual interview is just as important as getting ready for an in-person meeting. Keep a calm and assured demeanour during the session. Avoid coming across as overly ambitious or desperate. Speak clearly and softly. You should be able to present yourself as a confident professional using these straightforward methods, which will significantly increase your chances of landing your ideal job. 

All the best.

If you require any help with the interview process, get in touch with us at ACHIVIA, and we will get you going!


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