The Irish education system is one of the major contributing factors in making Ireland one of the Europe’s wealthiest nations


Being a part of British Isles, Ireland has become one of the highly recommended study abroad destination for students across the globe. It is a naturally beautiful island, a perfect combination of contemporary modern cities, combining adventure, history, culture, and entertainment. Thereby, making it a popular destination for students studying abroad. Ireland accepts 15 years of education for postgraduate studies and over 200000 international students choose to study in Ireland.

“The Irish education system is one of the major contributing factors in making Ireland one of the Europe’s wealthiest nations”

With the commitment to excellence, the country has established its reputation in providing high-quality education. No matter where you come from, you’ll always appreciate distinctive personalities and bright social and cultural life, representing the learning one can have while studying abroad.

Why Study in Ireland?

The number of international students studying in Irish higher education institutions increased by 135% between 2001 and 2010 — from approximately 11,000 to 26,000.

According to IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014, the Irish education system is ranked among top 20 for its higher education system. The system portrays creativity, pragmatism, and flexibility. Majority of students across the globe choose to study in Ireland for the courses being provided in English (recognized as the nation’s official language), rich culture and diversified traditions. In addition, the institutions in the country are ranked internationally with 5000 plus programs in majority of areas including science, technology, history, business, psychology, literature, engineering, history, philosophy, law, etc. This means that there is something for every student who plans to study abroad in Ireland.

Ireland is popularly known for medical and technology.

“Many Indians have done very well as doctors and medical professionals, and there is a growing number of successful Indian IT professionals as well,” as quoted by the Ireland’s ambassador to India- Dr. Brian McElduff.

Following are some other reasons that make International students study in Ireland;

Quality Education Infrastructure

Ireland is one of the popular countries to have top-rated universities with quality education infrastructure and academic resources. This is the biggest advantage for international students as they get an opportunity to study in a culturally rich nation.

Global Industry Giants

Ireland is a home to many large multinational firms under Fortune Global 500 such as Accenture, Johnson Controls, CRH Plc, Medtronic. A large number of companies including Apple, Google, Pfizer, Intel LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have their headquarters located in the island nation besides Ireland’s own homegrown organizations including Kerry group, Covidien, etc provide employment opportunity to several international students.


For international students, Ireland has some really amazing scholarship programs where each program is based on a specific criterion for eligibility laid down by individuals. Some of the prominent scholarships for Indian students are India Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships, Centenary Scholarship Program, DCU Government of Ireland Scholarships, etc

Secured Environment

For international students, Ireland is one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world to complete the courses they’ve chosen. Besides a growing student community, Ireland is also home to a fairly large population of Indian professionals and overseas Indians.

Top Universities and courses they offer

Most of the students across the globe choose to go for higher education in Ireland that comprises of specialist colleges, universities and institutes. Ireland’s education structure is made up of levels, i.e., primary- the basic, secondary- the middle and tertiary which is the third level. With perfect infrastructure, Ireland is a home to some really amazing educational institutions worldwide. 
“During 2014-2015, Ireland witnessed over 27,778 international students in the high-ranking universities”

An excerpt from the Irish National Framework of Qualifications. Source: Quality and Qualifications Ireland

Following are few top-rated universities in Ireland:

Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is recognised internationally as Ireland’s premier university and as one of the world's leading research-intensive universities. Founded in 1592 on the general pattern of the ancient colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, it is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older universities of Western Europe. Trinity has a vibrant international community of almost 17,000 students, 92,000 alumni and 2,860 members of staff. The student population represents 122 nationalities. Students who choose to study in Ireland in this University get them enrolled in courses that includes Engineering, Science, Arts, Humanities, social sciences, health sciences, Mathematics and many more.

University College Dublin

Located in the capital of Ireland, university college Dublin has roots in the catholic university of Ireland, established in 1854. In the international ranking, it is the 2nd representative after Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin . It is currently ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions world-wide. University College Dublin is also Ireland's most globally engaged university with over 30,000 students drawn from over 120 countries, and includes 5,500 students based at locations outside of Ireland. This educational institute is joined with a number of famous alumni including James Joyce (popular Irish writer), Neil Jordan (director and producer) and Gabriel Byrne (actor).

University College Cork

Established in founded in 1845 and combines a rich tradition of teaching, research and scholarship. Around 20,000 students take its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes every year. International students are part of a dynamic, multi-cultural community of scholars, academics and professionals. UCC enjoys a global reputation which draws 3,000 students from over 100 countries across the world.

Dublin City University

As compared to the historic higher education institution, Dublin City University is among the youngest, came into existence in 1980 and was elevated to University status in 1989. Unconventional by nature, DCU broke with the traditional mould and introduced new approaches into the Irish education system in a very short time period. With a focus on enterprise and a determination to hold the position as Ireland’s most innovative and market driven university, DCU has created a unique position for itself in Ireland. It promotes research and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. As well as for-profit entrepreneurship the Academy also works in the area of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise

National University of Ireland, Galway

Located in Galway, National University of Ireland was founded in 1845 as Queen's College Galway. It is also ranked among the top 1% universities in the world. Along with redevelopment of programs, this university in Galway proudly offers an array of courses ranging from Geography and Archaeology, economics, health science, law to medicine, mathematics, etc.

University Of Limerick

Established in 1972, the University of Limerick is an independent, internationally focused University with over 11,600 students and 1,300 faculty and staff. It is a young, energetic and enterprising University with a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research and scholarship. University of Limerick offers a range of programmes up to doctorate and post doctorate levels in the disciplines of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering.

Work Opportunities for Students

One of the greatest benefits that lies with the international students is the working opportunity. Students who have enrolled themselves for full-time courses in Ireland universities and are recognized by IDES are not required to grab an additional working permit in order to gain employment. All that is required is the proper documentation.

From 31st May 2017 onwards, under Ireland’s Third Level Graduate Scheme, international students completing advanced degrees may stay in Ireland to seek employment, work for up to 40 hours per week, and/or apply for a further work permit or green card.

This allows eligible graduates who have studied in Irish higher education institutions and whose award is granted by a recognised Irish awarding body at masters or PhD level to remain in Ireland for two years to seek employment.” Non-EU/EEA students completing Level 8 programmes (honours undergraduate degrees) will continue to have a 12-month stay back option, whereas those completing a Level 7 qualification (ordinary undergraduate degree) will also remain eligible for a six-month stay back.
Ireland is becoming one of the most favourable study abroad destinations.

If you are the one willing to fulfil your educational goals, must consider this island nation!

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