While looking forward to study abroad, it is not only the best university that students look for but the country that is safe for living and learning. Most of the families who have their first child being sent to study abroad are concerned about their safety during the time abroad.


Studying abroad have become a common trend these days and is considered as a wonderful and a unique experience by a large number of students. While looking forward to study abroad, it is not only the best university that students look for but the country that is safe for living and learning. Most of the families who have their first child being sent to study abroad are concerned about their safety during the time abroad.

Five Major Safety Tips While Studying Abroad

Below are the five major safety tips a student who intends to study abroad should keep in mind:

5. Research Regarding Political Instability

Prior to planning to study abroad, some research related to the country of choice is a must. Before you jump into the plane, it is necessary to find out more about the political situation in the countries you chose to go for further studies. There are people who go through brief descriptions and what others tell them and there are people who believe in doing in-depth research, for it is a matter of life.

"World is multi-dimensional. Research becomes a need."

In order to carryout in-depth research, it is crucial for one to hear regular news relating to the political situation of the country. One can join online forums to discuss with other students from across the world to find out regarding the treatment they receive and the difficulties that they may come across while studying abroad.

If you’ve already reached there, make sure you do not introduce yourself to others in a way that reflects that you are not the local person out there. It is better to behave like the locals in the country do. Make sure that you get yourself familiar with areas that are dangerous

4. Make More Friends

Having yourself surrounded by trustworthy people can help you stay safe while studying abroad. Where a lonely person is counted as one, a group can be counted as hundred and therefore dealing with uncertain situations become easier.

Shaking hands with local students across the country can help you stay safe and deal with situations that may harm you in different manners since they can assist you in gaining more understanding regarding the local healthcare system. Local students can also assist you in learning how the local police works in the country.

3. Stay in Touch with Your Local Country

Even if you intend to study abroad, this does not mean that you have nothing to do with your resident country. There are countries that offers a “smart traveller enrolment program” which justifies the fact that your home country is observing where you go, where you are and when do you need their assistance?

As per the smart traveller enrolment program, students are obliged to register themselves using their dates and locations of time spent in abroad. This makes it easier for the local government to locate you in times of trouble. The program also permits you to set an emergency contact so that your updates could be received on timely basis. In addition, the program allows you to get notified with breaking news while studying abroad via text or email.

2. Go for International Student Insurance (Not Just for Health Issues)

Since uncertainties are a part of life, it is better to stay protected wherever you are. Obviously, an insurance plan can never help you in trouble, but can preserve you to some extent by reducing the loss that you may incur while studying abroad. During the time you plan to study abroad, it is better for one to get an international student insurance to help yourself be protected from the political upheaval as well as from the natural disasters that may ruin your life.

The international student insurance plan mainly covers everything from stolen ID to lost luggage. Getting oneself a better insurance program can help you gain peace of mind for as long as you are studying abroad.

1. Stay Alert

One of the most followed safety tips while studying abroad is to “be alert always”. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. When lonely at a new place and feel uneasy, immediately leave the place and trust your instincts. Stay at a place where you feel more comfortable!

Other quick safety tips to keep in mind

  • Keep your valuables close to you.
  • Keep your profile as low as you can.
  • Learn from the situations.
  • Avoid drinking too much that you lose your senses.
  • Keep in contact with your family.
  • Read the local paper regularly to keep yourself updated with the country situation.
  • Be alert while walking in the street during night-time.
  • Follow traffic laws while driving in the city to protect yourself from any accident.
  • Always have the local version of 100, your local consulate and your study abroad contact number in your phone.
  • Always keep a copy of your passport saved digitally.
  • Register with the State Department to be notified of emergency situations.
  • Avoid getting engulfed in crowd since the danger of pickpocket across the globe is high
    Utilize official taxis for travelling.
  • Be attentive while travelling the road.
  • Avoid use of expensive cameras or any other electronic equipment

Done with your planning to study abroad? Confused about the safe opportunities you may avail? Below are some developments that you will find in yourself:

Character Development

Studying internationally not only increases your academic learning but helps in developing your character as one of the professionals. When you study away from your parents, there are hundreds of things that you learn and polish. Studying abroad will give you actual meaning of being independent by making you a valuable asset for the prospective employers.


While studying abroad, the experience you may achieve is something that cannot be gained anywhere else. There are countries that allows one to work part time along with studies that helps an individual in gaining experience and learning a lot more than your expectation.

Note that nothing is more important than your safety. Learn all the safety tips to safeguard your study abroad trip. So be smart to stay safe.

Best of Luck!

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